Levels by DarkFlameWolf

    DarkFlameWolf is probably the most prolific Descent level author these days, churning out new levels at regular intervals,
    both singleplayer missions and huge multiplayer sets.
    On top of that she has been organizing a remarkable joint effort with the level set The Enemy Within, where
    half a dozen authors each contributed 5 levels (more or less) to her specs, and she populated them with robots, setting up the gameplay.
    Another beautiful single player level set with the goal of providing very small levels
    presenting classical Descent 1 design and gameplay 'in a nutshell' she did is Descent Vignettes.
    Here is a list of her most noteable works, for some of which I have been doing a D2X-XL workover.

    Click on the images for a visual impression.
    Click on the level name for the download.