Levels by Kruel

    Among all the works I know of the Descent 2 level designers, in my eyes Nick Herres' a.k.a. Kruel's levels stand out huge. Kruel proves a keen eye for details, a great sense for texturing and lighting and and awesome capability to create stunning and complex three dimensional worlds with simple structures, never losing the focus on the whole. There are quite a few very good Descent 1 and 2 levels out there, but no other level designer's works continue to impress me as much as those of Nick Herres.

    At first, I did not intend to dedicate a page of my Descent site to one single level designer, but Kruel's levels filled up half of my Level Spotlight anyway, and that started to be a bit unfair to all the other quality levels there. So here it is. I will not feature all of his levels, but a fair share of them. Enjoy.

    Click on the images for a visual impression.
    Click on the level name for the download.