Level Spotlight
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    There is an immense number of Descent 1 and 2 levels around today. Many of them are plain crap, a lot are so-so, quite a few are pretty good, some are excellent, and a few are outstanding. I will use this section of my Descent site to put a spotlight on those levels that are worth being brought to people's attention because of their extraordinary design or playability. Of course, this is a very personal selection, subject to both my individual taste and what I happen to stumble over. I hope this page will help Descent 1 and 2 fans to find some pearls in the ocean of Descent 1 and 2 levels they don't yet know.

    My 'rating system' is very simple: As I intend to only present levels that stand out from the crop, there will only be three ratings 'excellent', 'superb' and 'outstanding', with the latter being the highest rating.

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