Descent 1 Support


D2X-XL fully supports playing Descent 1 missions. This feature is already included in D2X - the implementation there is however slightly flawed. D2X-XL fixes known bugs from D2X.


To be able to play the Descent 1 single player mission, you will have to patch Descent 2 to v1.2 (download here) and need to copy the contents of your Descent 1 folder to your Descent 2 folder (or create a separate directory and copy both the contents of your D1 and D2 folders there).

To play Descent 1 multiplayer missions, put them into main program folder.

Now you're ready to play Descent 1 with D2X-XL.

Level Conversion

D2X-XL uses the full Descent 1 texture set for texturing a Descent 1 mine.

Weapon Balance

D2X-XL v1.4.57 and above will use the original Descent 1 weapon power data for Descent 1 single and multiplayer levels to provide for the most authentic possible D1 game experience.

Robots and AI

D2X-XL uses the original D1 robot models and AI for Descent 1 levels. This will give you the most genuine Descent 1 experience with D2X-XL.


With D2X-XL you can enable the original Descent 1 sounds in Descent 1 levels.


D2X-XL uses the Descent 2 physics for Descent 1 robots. This code is very similar to the Descent 1 code, and there is no discernable difference between the physical behavior they create.


D2X-XL supports almost all Descent 1 cheat codes. Don't try the Descent 2 cheat codes when playing a Descent 1 mission, or you will experience a nasty surprise!


Not only are Descent 1 briefings fully supported, but you can even have D2X-XL play the rendered Descent 1 movies and use the mission directive audios from the PSX version of Descent 1!

Bug Fixes

  • Completely replaced Descent 1 texture handling.
  • Fixed animated texture handling.
  • Fixed robot animations in Descent 1 briefings.
  • Fixed texture animations in Descent 1 briefings.
  • Fixed potential CTD when loading a Descent 1 level that doesn't have a briefing.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of secret level exit (would not proceed to next regular level)