D2X - Switches And Commands

You can either specify these switches in the command line of D2X-XL, or place them in a file named d2x.ini. This file has to be placed in your Descent 2 folder in order to have D2X-XL recognize it.

D2X Hud Commands
ping:<name>ping player <name>
move:<name>move player <name> to other team
!namestoggle name returning
handicap:<start shield>set player's start shield when respawning to <start shield>
nobombsban smart mines from game
kick:{<player#>|<name>}kick player <player#> or <name>

D2X Command Line Switches
-altbg_name <name>Use custom menu background in file <name>
-altbg_brightness <n>Set custom menu background brightness to <n> (0.0 < n <= 1.0)
-altbg_alpha <n>Set custom menu background transparency to <n> (0.0 < n <= 1.0; -1.0 to keep original transparency)
-altbg_grayscale <n>Convert custom menu background to a grayscale image (1) or leave it as it is (0)
-altLanguage [<n>]Use alternative language file 'descent.tex' (1 or <n> omitted) or use English texts (0)
-autodemo [<filename>]Run descent.dem after program, or the demo stored in <filenam> if a filename was given
-auto_demos [<n>]Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic playback of demos and intro movie when the program is idling in the main menu
-auto_hogfile <hog file>Specify hog file for direct level launch
-auto_mission <mission file>Specify mission for direct level launch
-briefingsShow briefing screens
-cdrom <drive name>read Descent 2 Redbook audio from CDROM drive <drive name>
-compress_dataCreate uncompressed (0) or compressed (1) precomputed light, mesh and lightmap data
-datadir <dir>set (shared) game data root folder to <dir>
-debugEnable very verbose output
-grabmouseKeeps the mouse from wandering out of the window
-heavy_ship <model file>Filename (w/o folder and extension) of hires model to be used as heavy bomber ship.
-hires_models <n>Use high resolution 3D models (0: disable, 1:enable)
-hires_sound <n>Use high resolution sounds
  • 0: standard sounds
  • 1: 22 khz sounds ('sounds/d2/22khz' subfolder)
  • 2: 44 khz sounds ('sounds/d2/44khz' subfolder)
  • -hires_textures <n>Use high resolution textures (0: disable, 1:enable)
    -ini <file>option file (alternate to command line), defaults to d2x.ini
    -internal_tracker {0|1}Use (1) or ignore (0) the built-in UDP/IP tracker
    -light_ship <model file>Filename (w/o folder and extension) of hires model to be used as light interceptor ship.
    -linux_msgbox {0|1}Use (1) or don't use (0) OpenMotif for displaying graphical message boxes on Linux.
    -macdataRead (and, for editor, write) mac data files (swap colors)
    -medium_ship <model file>Filename (w/o folder and extension) of hires model to be used as medium fighter ship.
    -menustyle <n>Use old-style (0) or transparent (1) menus
    -model_quality <n>Shrink 512x512 pixel model textures to save texture memory (0: 64x64, 1:128x128, 2:256x256)
    -movies [<num>]Play movies (2: play all movies, 1: only robot movies, 0: no movies)
    -multithreaded <n>Disable (0) or enable (>max. number of threads<) multithreading to speed up rendering (only useful on multi-core CPUs or in multi-CPU systems)
    -nocdromDon't use redbook audio
    -norankingsDisable multiplayer ranking system
    -nostalgia <n>Disable D2X-XL extensions:
  • 1: Disable menu, gameplay and rendering extensions
  • 2: Disable networking extensions
  • 3: Disable AA/AF and D2X-XL level loading
  • Regard that a few nostalgia settings (particularly the multiplayer related ones) will overwrite the standard settings in the player profile!
    -notitlesDo not show title screens on startup
    -nomovies [<num>]Don't play movies (0: play all movies, 1: only robot movies, 2: no movies)
    -noredbookDisable redbook audio
    -noscreensSkip briefing screens
    -num_trackers <num>Number of tracker addresses in subsequent tracker list
    -oculus_rift<n>Control Oculus Rift support (0: disable, 1:enable)
    -player <name>Use player profile <name> on program launch
    -progress_bars <n>Enable (1) or disable (0) display of progress bars during potentially lengthy load and computation operations
    -pureD2Equivalent to 'nostalgia 3' (see above)
    -sdl_mixer <n>Enable (1)/disable (0) sound rendering via SDL_mixer (enabling it will enable midi playback on non Windows OS-s)
    -secretsaveAllow saving and restoring games in secret levels
    -subtitlesTurn on movie subtitles (English-only)
    -text <file>Specify alternate file with game message texts
    -tracker<num> <addr>IP address and port of tracker number <num> in a tracker list
    -userdir <dir>set private data root folder to <dir>
    -use_swapfileEnable usage of the operating system's memory swapfile by D2X-XL.
    -<X>x<Y>Set screen resolution to <X> by <Y>

    D2X System Options
    -check_setup1: Check whether all files are present and copy them to their proper subfolders, 0: Don't do any checks or reorganization
    -fullscreenUse fullscreen mode if available
    -midifixUnlink midi and effect volume
    -revert_demosConvert demo files from the new D2X-XL format to the Descent 2 legacy format during playback
    -use_shaders <n>Allow (1) or prohibit (0) shader program usage

    User Music Options
    -briefingsongSpecify the filename of a briefing song
    -creditssongSpecify the filename of a credits song
    -introsongSpecify the filename of a menu song
    -playlistSpecify a playlist containing file names of level songs

    Recommended parameter settings
    -render_quality 3
    -gl_alttexmerge 1
    -nomovies 1
    -pps 10
    -render2texture 1
    -menustyle 1
    -fastmenus 1
    -sdl_mixer 1
    -use_d1sounds 1
    -altbg_brightness 0.75
    -altbg_alpha -1.0
    -altbg_grayscale 0
    -hires_textures 1
    -hires_sound 2
    -hires_models 1
    -preload_textures 6
    -lowmem 0
    -midifix 1