Your Support Is Needed

I am mainting D2X-XL and DLE-XP for over five years now, and considerable time and effort have flown into both programs. While the project's focus initially simply was to give me a working Windows version of D2X, it has grown into much more: A greatly enhanced and well supported version of a truly unique classic 3D shooter game still loved by its fans, available for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Above I have been providing you Descent players with a constant stream of improvements, the fastest bug fixing on the planet, and as if that wasn't already more than enough, a selection of the finest missions available as well as brand new and ground breaking missions of my own.

Due to the grown scope of the project, I have reached some limits; both materially and in time. Traffic on my web site has increased so much over time that I now need to host it on a virtual server costing me 20 Euros per month. Some additional hardware (like a used Macintosh computer) wouldn't hurt either, allowing me to better support the Mac OS X version of D2X-XL.

If you are regularly using D2X-XL and are benefitting from all the effort that has flown into this program, you should consider giving something back for what has been given to you.

An honest thank you to all those who chose to support me this way.

This fan art fits here very well, me thinks: