Descent: The Enemy Within

This was a long time in coming. I originally wanted to start a mission set with other level designers a long time ago, since before Apocalyptic Factor that Darkhorse and Sirius had made a while back. I was unable to do my part at the time, but I've since paid that back in spades here.

The goal was simple, have people submit around 5 levels to the set, relatively small in nature and with a whacky level theme that you wouldn't really expect to see in Descent. What we got was a wide assortment of interesting levels and challenges. I'm personally surprised at what we all came up with and I'm proud to have been a part of this set.

Because of the community help, this is the biggest mission set to date, with 32 whopping levels with an all brand new robot cast and bosses, brand new player ship with custom cockpit and a kickin new soundtrack. This is definitely one mission to put on your permanent backup harddrive for future revisitations.

Without further ado, here is the level line-up!


Download the mission